Blue Horseradish helps clients develop websites that incorporate smart SEO strategies from the beginning. Blue Horseradish acts as a liaison between clients and developers to ensure that results-generating SEO strategies are incorporated during every step of the design and development process. By focusing on business goals and intended results during the design and development process, Blue Horseradish’s clients end up with highly functional, results-driven sites that also utilize appealing design elements.

Blue Horseradish’s Philosophy on Web Development

Blue Horseradish believes that business results, rather than design, should take center stage when developing a new website. Design, development, e-commerce implementations, and applications development can help achieve measurable business results, but they should reinforce, not overshadow, a business’s overarching goals during the development process. Blue Horseradish helps clients effectively deploy all of these tools within the context of a solid SEO strategy.

Website Design and Development Services

Blue Horseradish helps clients optimize existing websites or build websites from scratch. Building a new website is preferable to optimizing an existing site so that SEO strategies can be incorporated, or “baked in,” from the start.

Optimize an Existing Website

If a client has a workable website with good design and structure, Blue Horseradish will customize a plan to update, optimize, and improve the site’s online presence. This typically includes optimizing meta tags, updating existing content, and adding new content based on keyword research pertaining to pertinent products or services. Blue Horseradish also incorporates a link building strategy and other web marketing tactics. Our website evaluation service can provide good intelligence on the suitability of the current website.

Build a New, Optimized Website

Blue Horseradish acts as a site architect for clients who need to build a website from the ground up. After taking a deep dive into a client’s products, services, and target audience, Blue Horseradish drafts a blueprint for the new site. Throughout the process, Blue Horseradish considers the client’s current users, potential new customers, branding, necessary website features and functions, and the need for future site expansion.

Blue Horseradish helps clients engage designers and developers, and the Blue Horseradish team monitors design and development activities. Blue Horseradish also assists with SEO copywriting, gathering or producing photos and videos, creating product catalogs, and generating content. This hands-on process ensures that SEO is seamlessly incorporated in the client’s website from the start. Blue Horseradish’s team also helps review, test, and launch the new site. If the new site replaces an older version, Blue Horseradish orchestrates the transition so that clients retain all previous search engine rankings.

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