Local search optimization is a critical part of an effective SEO approach that can yield dramatic business results. While local search is crucial for companies that focus on a local area or region, local business is also important to national and international companies. Google My Business and Bing Place listings show in search results based on geographic search terms or based on the IP address of the searcher. This makes the local aspect of SEO even more imperative to companies investing in marketing their websites.

Getting Found for Local Searches

Potential customers want to find area businesses when they do a search.

Blue Horseradish uses a variety of techniques to improve the chances of clients being discovered by customers during searches. These techniques include:

  • Creating relevant and comprehensive listings on outlets, such as:
    • Google My Business
    • Bing Places
    • LinkedIn
    • Other social media sites
    • Business and general directories
  • Updating the company’s website to highlight the location of the business and service region
  • Overseeing the company’s reputation on the web, including online reviews
  • Updating the company’s online presence based on new trends, resources, and technologies
  • Monitoring social media outlets to increase local visibility

Blue Horseradish’s local search optimization techniques bolster SEO results and allow clients to make the most of their investment in SEO.

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