Blue Horseradish provides expert search engine optimization (SEO) consulting services to companies, specializing in B2B manufacturing and engineering. Blue Horseradish’s SEO services aim to boost clients’ qualified leads, sales, site activity and online reputation.

Blue Horseradish’s Philosophy

Customization and Collaboration

Blue Horseradish tailors all SEO and marketing plans to meet clients’ unique needs. Customization and client collaboration maximize qualified results, combat stagnation, and enhance clients’ return on investment (ROI).

Continual Improvement

Continual improvement is crucial to Blue Horseradish’s philosophy and to client success. Blue Horseradish learns what works for individual clients and aggressively pursues those techniques.

Metrics and Tracking

Blue Horseradish helps clients identify pertinent metrics and encourages regular analysis and adjustments. Emphases on customization and continual improvement enable Blue Horseradish to adapt quickly based on the trends in metrics and tracking.

Client Engagement

Blue Horseradish offers several customizable ways for clients to enhance their web presence and qualified results. Regardless of a client’s needs, Blue Horseradish’s services always emphasize customization, continual improvement, and active metric analysis.

Optimize an Existing Website

Blue Horseradish helps clients enhance their online presence by revamping and optimizing existing, serviceable websites. For websites with good design elements and adequate structure, Blue Horseradish builds a roadmap to update and optimize everything from meta tags to content along with developing new content based on the clients’ products and services. Blue Horseradish continually collaborates with the client to ensure client satisfaction and optimal results.

Build a New, Optimized Website

Blue Horseradish acts as a site architect for clients who need to build a website from the ground up. After taking a deep dive into a client’s products, services, and target audience, Blue Horseradish drafts a blueprint for the new site. Throughout the process, Blue Horseradish keeps in mind the client’s goals, website features and functions, brand and the need for future site expansion.

Blue Horseradish helps clients engage designers and developers with Blue Horseradish overseeing the process on behalf of the client. Blue Horseradish also assists with SEO copywriting, gathering or producing photos and videos, and handling the technical SEO aspects of the project. This hands-on process ensures that SEO is seamlessly incorporated in the client’s website from the start. Blue Horseradish also helps review, test, and launch the new site.

Blue Horseradish is looking for good companies that want to optimize their websites and their entire online presence… companies that want to get more out of their website and online marketing. Interested? Contact Blue Horseradish now to start getting results.