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Blue Horseradish has delivered superior results for manufacturers, engineers and other B2B/industrial companies.

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We are a full service SEO firm with a proven track record of customer successes and wildly enthusiastic references.


Search Engine Optimization

Potent is defined as

“having great power, influence, or effect”

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Utilize paid advertising channels to

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Content Marketing

The foundation of every website’s successful performance

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Blue Root

Welcome to the Blue Root Blog

The Blue Root Blog plays on the name Blue Route, the common name for the section of Interstate 476 highway running through Delaware and Montgomery Counties in the west and north suburbs of Philadelphia.

Google Featured Snippets: The New #1 Ranking

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Why Does Your Business Need SEO?

The answer is to increase the growth and profitability of your business while also learning to adapt quickly to market and buyer trends that impact your business. Ever wonder why