Blue Horseradish uses keyword research as a fundamental part of a successful SEO strategy for every client. Keyword research identifies keyphrases — search phrases of 2, 3, 4 or more keywords — searchers use that relate to a business’ products and/or services. When creating an effective SEO strategy, keyword research and the accompanying data give insights into phrases and topics that warrant content development efforts.

Using Keyword Research

In the initial phases of SEO work, Blue Horseradish investigates the products and/or services a client aims to promote. Blue Horseradish also reviews competitors’ and other well ranked websites for keyphrase options. Blue Horseradish researches these topics to identify the most popular (primary) keyphrases, as well as less popular (secondary) phrases. Blue Horseradish analyzes this data and uses it, in coordination with the client, to select target keyphrases to guide the content marketing and optimization work.

Building a keyphrase-focused page is a great way to get a website ranked on search engines, but a well-rounded SEO strategy uses additional information Blue Horseradish gleans from solid keyword research. Once Blue Horseradish identifies target keyphrases, they create a strategy that emphasizes not only the keyphrases, but also related topics that help make the site valuable to relevant searchers.

In addition to the relevancy of a phrase, Blue Horseradish considers things like whether the phrase is singular or plural, the word order of the phrase, and the context in which a searcher uses the phrase. Blue Horseradish also determines how general or specific a phrase needs to be — it must be specific enough to produce qualified results, but general enough to drive traffic.

Blue Horseradish uses these elements to determine which phrases align with a client’s SEO strategy and in the implementation of the strategy.

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