Blue Horseradish uses web analytics to eliminate guessing and help clients make the right web marketing decisions that generate business results. Setting up good performance metrics and understanding how well they are being met via various web marketing channels is critical in determining return on investment (ROI).

Web traffic and clicks on search engine ads are important, but qualified leads and sales are what count. Using web analytics to figure out which web marketing actions worked and which did not allows Blue Horseradish’s clients to continually improve and maximize business results.

Web Analytics Process and Action Plan

Blue Horseradish works with clients to get a solid understanding of the client’s business goals. After getting access to an existing or implementing a new web analytics setup for tracking web activity and results, Blue Horseradish coordinates with the client to develop metrics designed to track progress and achieve their business goals.

Based on the client’s needs, Blue Horseradish sets up monthly or quarterly meetings to discuss and analyze the web data. Blue Horseradish helps clients raise the bar on conversions, sales, leads and completed goals and identify ways to remedy areas that are underperforming.

The typical web analytics process with Blue Horseradish includes:

  • Setting business goals and defining measurable targets to meet those goals
  • Establishing benchmarks to measure progress
  • Using web analytics tools to track and report on web data
  • Analyzing results vs. goals at monthly or quarterly meetings
  • Continuing what worked and changing what did not work
  • Regularly testing improvements, tracking successes, and revisiting business goals

The result is a continual testing, tracking, improvement, and optimization process to generate better results that match business goals and yield a higher ROI.

Benefits of Using Blue Horseradish

One of the most important benefits to Blue Horseradish’s web analytics process is that clients eventually integrate the continual improvement process and associated skills into everything they do, which drives profitability. Additionally, Blue Horseradish’s web analytics process helps clients:

  • Achieve business goals
  • Improve conversion rates by knowing what works and what does not work
  • Reduce advertising costs by cutting ads that have poor return on investment (ROI)
  • Improve the results of any promotion or marketing activity by measuring against benchmarks and adjusting as needed

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