One of the first and most common things companies researching new vendors do is search for them online, usually using some combination of:

  • Search engines
  • Local business listings
  • Social media sites
  • Industry and business directories
  • Online reviews 

Both the website and larger online presence usually play a significant role in the qualification and decision making process. Once a short list is identified, prospects will either reach out to several of the vendors or continue the qualifying process until one or two stand out from the rest as the best options.

If your company passes muster, you have a chance to secure that business. However, if you were disqualified, not only would you not know an opportunity was lost, but you would not know why it was lost.

Negative content can dominate your search results and damage your company’s reputation. Inaccurate, out dated or a lack of information can also mislead prospective clients. In addition, potential clients tend to trust online reviews. As a result, negative reviews could drive them away.

The best way to address these situations is to ensure your company’s online reputation is represented accurately and comprehensively. The best defense against negative information is a detailed content marketing strategy focused on the company’s strengths. That takes resources and time to monitor; sometimes companies do not have the capacity or ability to do that effectively themselves. Blue Horseradish can fill this gap for clients and provide value to protect their brand and online reputation.

Blue Horseradish works to develop a plan to ensure its strategies align with your reputation goals. An analysis to see where your online reputation currently stands is performed. Based on that initial work, Blue Horseradish develops a plan outlining the strategies and tactics to benefit your business.

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