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Website Development

Blue Horseradish offers website development and web design with search engine optimization (SEO) "baked in." Building a website with SEO included from the outset is the method used by Blue Horseradish to achieve business goals. An attractive website can be effective in achieving those goals, but is not the only desired result. What counts is qualified leads and sales.

Blue Horseradish has a proven track record of building good looking and optimized websites - with documented results.

Blue Horseradish Website Design and Development Services

Blue Horseradish offers two main approaches to web development:

  • Optimize an Existing Website
  • Build a New Optimized Website

Every website development action plan is customized for your company, industry and target audience. Below are details for each offerings.

Optimize an Existing Website

If the current website design is acceptable and workable, the existing website can be used a good starting point to build upon and optimize. If the design is good and the structure is okay, Blue Horseradish will devise a plan to update and optimize it. This typically includes optimizing the meta tags, updating existing content, and adding new content based on the keyword research pertaining to pertinent products / services. Link building and other web marketing tactics would be used. From the exisiting website and its SEO status, a customized action plan can be developed to enhance the existing site and improve the entire online presence. The Blue Horseradish website evaluation can provide good intelligence on the suitablity of the current website.

Cost: All work to optimize an existing site is done on an hourly basis. Contact Blue Horseradish for more information.

Build a New Optimized Website

If a new website is needed, then a new website plan should be devised. Blue Horseradish takes the role of the "architect", working with you to craft a new website. Understanding your products and services is the first step. Knowledge about the website's users and potential new customers is important. Keyword research is a critical input. Branding is a factor. Determining the features and functions that are needed on the website is also essential. How the website will be maintained and updated must be considered. At the end of the process, an information architecture or sitemap is created. Only at that point is development considered - the tools are not usually pre-determined.

With the information architecture in place, a web developer - the "builder" - is chosen. The developers can be in-house resources, developers chosen by you or Blue Horseradish, or a specification can be written and a request for quote (RFQ) or request for proposal (RFP) process can be done to select a provider. Finding the right "builder" to execute the plan is also a critical step to an optimized website.

With a developer in place, there are design reviews and development activities to monitor. But while the developement is going on, Blue Horseradish is working with you to do SEO copywriting, gather or produce photos and videos, create product catalogs, and generate all other content that is to be used on the website. This ensures that SEO is "baked in" to the website from the start. With all this in place, the new website is reviewed, tested and launched. If the new site is replacing an old version, the transition must also be carefully orchestrated to retain any previous search engine rankings.

Cost: All work to create the plan, manage the project and create content is done on an hourly basis. Typically the web development is a separate agreement and is done on a fixed price basis. Contact Blue Horseradish for more information.

Blue Horseradish's Philosophy on Web Development

Blue Horseradish believes that web design, web development, ecommerce implementations and applications development are the means to the end - measurable business results - and not the desired end result. A nice-looking website with cool graphics is great, but it should be used to achieve business goals. Just having a cool website is not enough. All of the these "tools" should be deployed effectively within the context of a web marketing.

Blue Horseradish may provide the "tools" directly or work with best-of-breed or in-house designers and developers while providing project management, SEO and technical expertise to make sure the business goals are understood and achieved.

Contact Blue Horseradish for SEO Consulting Services

Blue Horseradish is looking for good companies to work with to optimize their websites and build their entire online presence... companies that want to get more out of their website and online marketing. Interested? Contact Blue Horseradish now to start getting results.

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