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Web Analytics

Website Analytics

One of the best things about web marketing is that it can be results-driven. Web analytics provide the tools to know how well a website and online marketing efforts are working. Blue Horseradish has a proven track record of providing value to customers with web analytics consulting services. Setting good performance metrics and understanding how well they are being met via various channels is critical to understanding the return on investment (ROI). Web traffic and click-throughs on search engine ads are important, but what counts is qualified leads and sales. Knowing what web marketing actions worked and what did not work by using web analytics allows for continual improvement and refinement to maximize business results.

Web Analytics Process and Action Plan

Blue Horseradish will use web analytics to eliminate guessing and help make the right decisions on web marketing activities. After implementing a web analytics tool for tracking activity and results, a typical process usually includes:

  1. Set business goals such as online sales or sales inquiries
  2. Define measurable targets to meet goals
  3. Establish the benchmark from which to measure
  4. Use web analytics tools to track and store web data
  5. Analyze results vs. goals
  6. Continue what worked, and change what did not work
  7. Repeat 1 to 6 while testing improvements, continuing to track successes, and regularly revisiting business goals

The result is a continual testing, tracking, improvement and optimization process generating better business results that match goals and yield a higher ROI.

Benefits of Using Blue Horseradish for Web Analytics

  • Improve conversion rates by knowing what works and what does not work
  • Reduce advertising costs by cutting ads that have poor return on investment (ROI)
  • Improve the results of any promotion or marketing activity by measuring against goals and adjusting as needed
  • Use web analytics to establish a continual improvement process that drives profitability

Web Analytics Case Study - DUNMORE Corporation

"On a regular basis, we meet with Blue Horseradish to review our web statistics and other pertinent web analytics data. We track how well we meet our tactical marketing goals related to the web, and how well the website and our various web marketing efforts are supporting our strategic goals. For example, at our last meeting, we were able to track a 25% increase across most of our key performance indicators. Using web analytics we know what is working and how well it is working, and we use that information to plan next steps."

- Steve Young, Marketing Manager, Dunmore Corporation, a film manufacturer and film converter providing contract manufacturing for metallized film, coated film, and laminated film in Bristol, PA.

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