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Search Engine Optimization

Blue Horseradish provides expert search engine optimization (SEO) consulting services designed to optimize your web marketing and generate measurable business results. SEO is the method used to achieve business goals, not the end result. What counts is qualified leads and sales.

Blue Horseradish has a proven track record of providing SEO services for many companies - optimizing their entire online presence - with documented results.

Search Engine Optimization Action Plan Elements

Blue Horseradish offers a variety of different SEO services and programs. A typical SEO service plan usually includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Good information architecture
  • Rich content about your products/services
  • Search engine friendly web design and development
  • Link building
  • Online advertising
  • Marketing via email, press releases, etc.
  • Tracking activity with web analytics
  • Reporting results
  • Continual improvement and optimization

Every SEO action plan is customized for your company and target audience. Below are some of the typical service offerings.

Continual Improvement SEO Program

The key to Blue Horseradish's successful work with clients is devising and executing a continual improvement process. This includes all of the Blue Horseradish SEO Action Plan elements listed above.

In addition, Blue Horseradish establishes a regular review and improvement process guided by regular on-site meetings. These meetings can be held at whatever interval is required - quarterly, monthly, weekly. Each meeting involves a check on the past period's activities, a review of the web analytics, and a plan for the next period. This review meeting provides the framework for the continual improvement process, and includes an understanding of the realized benefits and the return on investment (ROI). This program is often used immediately after a new or revamped website is launched.

Cost: A typical plan involves a quarterly block of SEO services hours, usually 24, 36 or 40 hours per quarter on a fixed price per quarter basis. All plans are customized to the client's needs and budget.

Website Evaluations

Typically the first step in any SEO work where there is an existing website is to evaluate it. Blue Horseradish can provide a website evaluation that involves:

  • Keyword research on target keyphrases related to your products and services
  • Search engine rankings check for these target keyphrases
  • Link popularity check
  • Technical evaluation of website
  • A list of recommendations for short term improvements

As a result of the website evaluation, you will know if your website is able to be used going forward or not.

Cost: $750. Limited Time Promotion: $500 - This amount will be applied to any future web marketing/SEO work over $5,000. Complete the Blue Horseradish Website Evaluation form to start now.

Optimize an Existing Website

Sometimes revamping an existing, serviceable website is a good course of action. If the design is good and the structure is okay, Blue Horseradish will devise a plan to update and optimize it. This typically includes optimizing the meta tags, updating existing content, and adding new content based on the keyword research pertaining to your products / services. Link building and other web marketing tactics would be used.

Cost: All work to optimize an existing site is done on an hourly basis. Contact Blue Horseradish for more information.

Build a New Optimized Website

If a new website is needed, then a new website plan will be devised. Blue Horseradish takes the role of the "architect", working with you to craft a new website. Understanding your products and services is the first step. Knowledge about the website's users and potential new customers is important. Keyword research is a critical input. Branding is a factor. Determining the features and functions that are needed on the website is also essential. How the website will be maintained and updated must be considered. At the end of the process, an information architecture or sitemap is created. Only at that point is development considered - the tools are not usually pre-determined.

With the information architecture in place, a web developer - the "builder" - is chosen. The developers can be in-house resources, developers chosen by you or Blue Horseradish, or a specification can be written and a request for quote (RFQ) or request for proposal (RFP) process can be done to select a provider. Finding the right "builder" to execute the plan is also a critical step to an optimized website.

With a developer in place, there are design reviews and development activities to monitor. But while the developement is going on, Blue Horseradish is working with you to do SEO copywriting, gather or produce photos and videos, create product catalogs, and generate all other content that is to be used on the website. This ensures that SEO is "baked in" to the website from the start. With all this in place, the new website is reviewed, tested and launched. If the new site replaces an old version, the transition is carefully orchestrated to retain any previous search engine rankings.

Cost: All work to create the plan, manage the project and create content is done on an hourly basis. Typically the web development is a separate agreement and is done on a fixed price basis. Contact Blue Horseradish for more information.

Blue Horseradish's Philosophy on SEO Consulting Services

Blue Horseradish strives to provide excellent professsional web marketing and SEO services. Many activities require the client's active participation and coordination with the overall marketing plan. Service agreements always include a cancellation clause - if a customer is not satisfied, they can cancel the agreement at any time with no further obligation. All working accounts are set up in the customer's name so that any future work can be picked up by the client if desired. Blue Horseradish is proud to note that NO customers have ever cancelled work due to dissatisfaction with services.

Blue Horseradish specifically does not guarantee search engine rankings, web traffic, sales inquiries, sales or business growth as a result of the services provided. However, customers typically report strong results and a good ROI for SEO services. References are available upon request.

Blue Horseradish also follows a continual improvement philosophy with regards to staying up to do date on trends and new methods in web technology, online marketing and search engine optimization.

Contact Blue Horseradish for SEO Consulting Services

Blue Horseradish is looking for good companies to work with to optimize their websites and their entire online presence... companies that want to get more out of their website and online marketing. Interested? Contact Blue Horseradish now to start getting results.

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