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Search Engine Marketing and
Paid Search Advertising Services

Search Engine Marketing

Blue Horseradish provides paid search advertising strategy and search engine marketing (SEM) campaign management services for clients. These SEM services include:

  • Create and manage web search engine marketing campaigns (pay-per-click or PPC advertising) on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • Create and monitor paid listings on industry directories such as ThomasNet ®, GlobalSpec, etc.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of existing adversiting
  • Establish geo-targeted local search engine ad campaigns

Blue Horseradish's Search Engine Marketing Approach

Blue Horseradish's typical strategy for using SEM/PPC/Paid Listings is to augment clients' organic SEO activities. SEM supports SEO but is typically not the primary and certainly not the only online marketing activity. Blue Horseradish typically recommends SEM:

  • When launching a website for a new domain, as it is difficult to achieve natural search engine rankings with the low link popularity that is inherent in a new domain
  • To get more web traffic for some keyphrases that are difficult to reach high organic rankings
  • To spot test new keyphrases, checking for their current popularity or for qualified leads
  • As a competitive strategy when competitors are relying heavily on SEM
  • When results indicate that SEM is providing a good return on investment

Blue Horseradish - A Google Partner

Blue Horseradish is a certified Google Partner, having passed the certification exams for Google AdWords.

Visit Blue Horseradish's Google Partner Profile

As a certified Google Partner, Blue Horseradish is required to post Google's AdWords Disclosure Notice / Avertiser Guide: Working with a Third-Party Partners here. Blue Horseradish follows Google's guidelines to provide clients with transparency in client engagements for paid search advertising.

Benefits of Using Blue Horseradish for SEM

  • Proven track record of successful SEM campaigns for many clients
  • Spend analysis can reduce advertising costs by cutting ads that have poor return on investment (ROI)
  • All ad campaigns are in the client's name, so there is no loss of continuity or history if the work is later done internally (Note: some SEM services keep accounts in their name

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Blue Horseradish is looking for a few good companies to work with on search engine marketing... companies that want to get more out of their website and online marketing. Interested? Contact Blue Horseradish now to start getting results.

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