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Link Building

Blue Horseradish specializes in link building - generating high quality inbound links to clients' websites. An inbound link to your website is a hyperlink on another website that a user can click and go to your website. An inbound link can be hyperlinked to the home page or to an internal page of the site. A link to an internal page is sometimes called a deep link.

A website's reputation on the Web is evaluated on an ongoing basis by the search engines. A significant factor in measuring reputation is inbound links - their quantity, quality and relevance and is a critical factor in the algorithms used by search engines to rank web pages when users search. Blue Horseradish employs continual link building work in every client engagement. A strong link building effort important to long term SEO success.

Blue Horseradish continually monitors the ever-changing landscape of search engines' guidelins on link building work and only utilizes ethical or "white hat" techniques. Some SEO services providers utilize unethical or "black hat" means to try artificially influence rankings. Experience shows that these "black hat" techniques typically fail in the long term and may cause penalties from the search engines that can cripple websites and businesses.

What is Link Popularity?

Link popularity is a measure of the inbound links to a website. Factors include:

  • The quantity of inbound links, including the number of different websites and the total number of inbound links, as some sites may have more than one hyperlink.
  • The quality and relevance of the inbound linking websites, mostly measured by their link reputation. For example, a link from a popular industry directory or trade publication is more powerful than a link from a family website.
  • A mix of links to the home page and deep links to multiple interior pages

Blue Horseradish Link Building Process

Blue Horseradish executes a comprehensive link research and development program focused on identifying relevant industry and niche-related link opportunities along with developing new client profiles and/or optimizing existing listings. This is accomplished through a two tiered approach.

The first leverages Blue Horseradish’s database of quality local, business, industrial and niche-focused directories. Blue Horseradish develops client profiles within the relevant directories and validates the client is properly listed in local resources such as Google My Business, Bing Maps, and many others.

The second focuses on extensive competitive research and utilizes clients' knowledge of their industry and market segments. Once the high quality link opportunities are identified, Blue Horseradish coordinates with clients to secure those link opportunities. Blue Horseradish can also create a process clients can use to request links from customers, partners, associated organizations, vendors, suppliers and other relevant sources.

Blue Horseradish's tactics include:

  • Manual submission to authoritative general directories
  • Listing requests to industry-specific directories, industry associations' websites, trade publications, etc.
  • Optimized press releases
  • Active blogging
  • Creation of link bait - compelling website content, blog posts, useful tools, etc. that other websites will naturally want to link to
  • Researching and soliciting links form authority or hub sites related to target industries, topics and keywords

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Blue Horseradish is looking for good companies to work with on link building... companies that want to get more out of their website and online marketing. Interested? Contact Blue Horseradish now to start getting results.

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