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Keyword Reseach and Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research

Keyword research - call it fishing where the fish are!

Blue Horseradish uses keyword research as the core of its SEO work. Keyword research identifies the keyphrases - search phrases of 2, 3, 4 or more keywords - that searchers are using that relate to a business' products and services.

When fishing, it's always better to fish where the fish are instead of wasting time where they are not. Keyword research is like using a fish finder - it show where the fish are and how many are there. Even better, keyword research shows what bait the fish are biting on.

Using Keyword Research

In the initial phases of SEO work, Blue Horseradish will inquire at length about the products and services that are being promoted. Blue Horseradish will also review competitors' websites for keyphrase clues. Then, Blue Horseradish will do the the keyword research on these topics, identifying the most popular (primary) keyphrases as well as less popular (secondary) phrases. This research will be reviewed to select the target keyphrases to feature on the website.

The primary and secondary keyphrases will be used to help create the the website's information architecture - the categories and pages on the website. Typically, a page will be implemented for each primary keyphrase, with that keyphrase used as the main topic for that page, supported by related secondary keyphrases. Building a keyphrase-focused page is a great way to get that page ranked on search engines.

Keyword Research Case Study - Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc.

"At regular intervals we re-evaluate our keyword target list and are always looking for more keyphrases that will our customers might use to find Stockwell Elastomerics on search engines. As a result of these efforts, the number of different keyphrases that searchers are using to find our website has doubled over the past two years. We regularly track this key metric. This has resulted in more sales inquiries and generated more business for our company. The keyword research and analysis work is the critical driver to these efforts."

- Bill Stockwell, President, Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc., a manufacturer of silicone gaskets and custom silicone rubber and elastomeric gaskets, pads and components

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