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SEO Copywriting

Good rich web content is a critical factor in every website's success. Web content can include text content, photos, graphics/illustrations, video, audio and links. Blue Horseradish offers professional SEO copywriting services and can supply all other form of web content too. Content is important because:

  • Web users want information about the products and services they are considering for purchase, and your website must provide that information
  • Your content describes the uniqueness, benefits, suitability, features, functions and specifications of your products and services - all needed by decision-makers and buyers
  • Content is a major factor in search engine rankings - search engines reward web pages that have good content with good rankings
  • Your content establishes your company's credibility

Good Content is Difficult to Create, Right?

Blue Horseradish's Larry Chrzan comments,

"In every website project I've worked on, content creation was the hardest part. For whatever reason, business owners, executives, managers, product specialists, service providers and sometimes even marketing people find it difficult to come up with good descriptive information about their products or services. Some are excellent talkers but not good writers. Some are reluctant to brag. Or it seems like it's never good enough to put on the live website. And creating web content often slips down on the priority list."

SEO Copywriting and Web Content Creation Services from Blue Horseradish

Because of the critical need for good content, Blue Horseradish offers web copywriting to get the job done quickly and well. Blue Horseradish works with clients in whatever manner suits the available resources (time, skills and budget). If Blue Horseradish is doing the copywriting, the typical process is:

  • Review existing marketing materials - current website (if applicable), brochures, catalogs, sell seets and any other printed material
  • Interview the experts to get the facts about products and services
  • Check competitors' websites and marketing materials
  • Craft the message - copywriting the text for the web pages the includes the benefits and uniqueness along with the features, functions and facts
  • SEO copywriting - writing the web content with the target keyphrases "baked in" to the material
  • Work with graphic designers, photographers and videographers to develop the images the support the text and make visually appealing web pages
  • Emphasize the Call-to-Action so that users know exactly what to do next if they are ready to proceed with a sales inquiry or purchase

Benefits of Using Blue Horseradish SEO Copywriting Services

Very simply, Blue Horseradish will get it done quickly and do it well. Blue Horseradish has copywritten hundreds of web pages for dozens of websites. Topics of these pages have ranged from industrial/manufactured products and highly technical engineering services to consumer products and professional services. Many of these pages are well-ranked on search engines since the SEO copywriting is "baked in". The short term downside of outsourcing the web copywriting is the additional cost. On the other hand, the short term benefit of having the website launched and producing results sooner combined with the long term benefit of having optimized web content created by an SEO copywriter can easily outweigh the initial outsourcing cost.

SEO Copywriting Case Study - Material Concepts, Inc.

"When we set out to redo our site, we did not know how important content was going to be to the success of the site. Blue Horseradish educated us about how creating good rich content to describe our products and services, focused on the keyword phrases our potential customers were using, was going to make our website successful. Needless to say, we were skeptical.

Blue Horseradish did the copywriting for most of our product pages, gathering material from our product specialists via interviews and our print ads. Prior to these SEO copywriting efforts, we were not well ranked on search engines like Google. Now our website is consistently ranked in Google’s top 10 for 'Tyvek' and many other popular terms. We changed from skeptics to believers because the results are there. The effect on our business has been huge!"

- Doug Kohn, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Material Concepts, Inc., a Master Distributor for Dupont™ Tyvek® products and one-stop sourcing for paper converting, nonwovens, rug wrap, CAD/plotter supplies, template paper in Philadelphia PA.

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